Cape Town is expecting another big storm to arrive on Thursday 9th and Friday 10th of July 2020, with rain forecast until next Tuesday.

This is not unusual for Cape Town this time of year but can catch people unaware. While we are grateful for the rain to fill our dams heavy rain and strong winds are expected, so do please take precautions!

To avoid flooding into your house please clear all the gutters on your roof and also clear out any ground drainage in front of your property.

Gutters and drainage can be easily blocked with leaves and debris and result in unnecessary damage.

We recommend this to all our tenants, sellers and will be doing this for our management clients.

What to do if you have a fault or emergency?  

The city of Cape Town is also on standby to help. Please see below important numbers and who in the City to contact?:

To report a fault

  • Blocked Storm Water drains and overflowing manholes – call 0800 65 64 63, all hours.
  • Flooding roads – log a Service Request for
    • Group = Roads and Stormwater (Flooding), and
    • Service = Flooding of property / Flooding of road / Request for Sandbags
  • Flooding of houses – call Disaster Operations Centre on 021 597 6000
  • Blocked Sewage manholes – log a Service Request or SMS 31373
    • Group = Sewer
    • Service = Sewer: Blocked/Overflow
  • Fallen trees and branches – log a Service Request for
    • Group = City Parks (Maintenance)
    • Service = Tree Removal / Branch Removal (Fallen/Broken)
  • Power outages – email / SMS 31220
  • Street lights not working – log a Service Request / SMS 31220 / email
    • Group = Electricity (Street Lighting)
    • Service =All street lights are out / Individual street lights are out

Please keep your cellphone charged, and candles and rechargeable lanterns available.

In an emergency call the City’s Public Emergency Communication Centre on 0214807700 from any phone / 107 from a landline.

Please stay safe everyone, and let’s help those less fortunate in this storm.

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